iPhone Possibilities

Let me say, Apple is a monster and their announcements on the iPhone roadmap are no joke. I can’t do justice the possibilities, just go to the presentation on the site. It’s a long one so take some time. But I will say they really thought this one out.

  • RIM/Palm/WindowsMobile hardware folks are done, well not done, but definitely baking in the oven. Microsoft is essentially subsidizing this by sacrificing them for Exchange’s continued life. Apple’s stack will soon follow, but Microsoft has no choice but to get board. Apple is not Cuba.
  • Sony PSP has a strong competitor, if not killer. Battery life and storage are the two limitations that as flash RAM cheapens will probably be resolved. I never thought the accelerometer would be so key. The Super Monkey Ball demo was no joke.
  • The iFund @ $100M is a bombshell: All the big developers just got a strong signal that The Next Killer App is under development and they need to get on this platform not now…but right now.
  • Apple’s Mac sales received the “halo” effect from the iPod. That will only be accelerated with the iPhone. You need a Mac to develop for the thing, which means you get to try out the OS and the development suite reducing barriers to entry for Mac development.
  • Circumventing iTunes and giving direct, but controlled access to users is also brilliant. It’s like iTunes DRM, not great, but livable. Clearly the Apple Store is not going to be a hugh profit center, but it will be cost neutral to Apple and not a huge burden to developers. AT&T must be emitting nocturnally at the prospect.

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