In a Galaxy Tab Far, Far Away

Samsung panics over iPad 2, may cut Galaxy Tab 10.1’s price:

Samsung was caught off-guard by the iPad 2 and may have to rethink its strategy for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the company’s executive VP of mobile Lee Don-joo said on Friday. The Korean company had planned to charge a premium over the original Galaxy Tab, which already cost nearly as much as a larger, first-generation 3G iPad, but wasn’t certain it could do so now that the iPad 2 was roughly matching it in features for the same $499 price. Lee didn’t tell Yonhap what pricing was to have been, but a 16GB, 3G Galaxy Tab costs $600 in the US.

“The 10-inch [tablet] was to be priced higher than the 7-inch [tablet] but we will have to think that over,” he said.

(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network.)

I bet they do.  I never understood the Galaxy Tab, esp. in a world obsessed with tech specs.  After all, why would I pay more for a smaller tablet?  Now Samsung in in the weird place of charging much more for the same sized tablet minus the Apple experience to justify it.

Verizon to sell Galaxy Tab starting November 11th for $599.99 — Engadget

Verizon to sell Galaxy Tab starting November 11th for $599.99 — Engadget:

“Well, we finally have a price on this thing! America’s largest carrier has announced plans to sell Samsung’s Galaxy Tab for… $599.99. The 3G, Android 2.2-based unit (which will be loaded with V CAST apps, of course) will hit retail on November 11th, and since it’s being sold at full price, a data plan (which starts at $20 per month for 1GB) is completely optional.”

(Via The Macalope.)

I thought I’d never write the following words: Apple is killing Samsung on price.