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Take ‘Em to Church?

★ The Church of Market Share:

The truth is, the average Android user is not the same as an average iPhone user. iPhone users surf the web more, they’re more willing to buy software, they’re more willing to install and use apps

You can say that it’s elitist or arrogant to argue that iOS users are better customers than Android users. But you can also say that it’s the truth.

(Via Daring Fireball)

Apple has 2/3rds the share of industry profits while it has garnered only 5% in market share.  Why would I want to go after market share in this scenario?


iPhone dominating mobile web in Americas and Europe

iPhone dominating mobile web in Americas and Europe:

Operating System Share, Worldwide Smartphones Only, Q4 2009

(Via the Unofficial Apple Weblog.)

The iPhone has almost 9 times the share of Blackberries. That can’t be good for Web 2.0 apps long term Web 2.0 apps on the Blackberry long term.  Enterprise email only gets your platform so far against such a competitor.