Two Sides of the Same Coin

How Much Is Your Brand Loved (Or Hated)? – The BrainYard – InformationWeek:

Passion makes a difference, in social media analytics as in life in general.

Measuring the intensity of emotion is one way NetBase distinguishes itself in the crowded field of social media analytics. Or, as Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Joy Rosner puts it, “I’m quite passionate about how we measure passion.

The point is to distinguish between liking and loving, mildly disliking and intensely loathing, while also trying to dodge linguistic pitfalls like satire that can confuse a computer program. NetBase does a good enough job of it that it has been able to win the business of major consumer products companies like Coca Cola and Kraft.

(Via Information Week – Business Intelligence.)

I’m not sure about this.  A mentor of mine found in his research that passion drives comments.  The more you care the more you tend to comment.  So, how do you account for people dissatisfied or satisfied with your product but don’t care enough to comment?  How does that change the reading on the love-o-meter?

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