I Like My Odds in This Argument

John Gruber has haters.

I Like My Odds in This Argument:

Yours truly, two weeks ago, arguing that Windows 8 is fundamentally flawed as a competitor to the iPad:

The iPad succeeds because it has eliminated complexity, not because it has covered up the complexity of the Mac with a touch-based “shell.”

Aaron Holesgrove, arguing that I’m wrong:

Actually, the iPad succeeds because it enables you to read websites whilst sitting on the toilet and play casual games in bed. It’s a toy. You can’t eliminate complexity when there was never any complexity in the first place – Apple went and threw a 10″ screen on the iPod Touch and iPhone and called them the iPad and iPad 3G, respectively.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

A friend said this about my complaint that Holesgrove was being immature at best.

Seriously, though, your problem isn’t unique to Apple haters or anything.  You have people that can’t argue their way out of a paper bag behind all sorts of opinions.  The problem is that once you back them into a corner, they start in with the strawman arguments, false dichotomies, ad hominem attacks and other nonsense.

I like Gruber’s odds myself.

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