Robert Barrimond

I have led strategic initiatives in operational intelligence, harnessing AI to streamline operations that drive business growth with the analytical rigor and innovative mindset fostered at the Wharton School and MIT. My expertise in site reliability engineering and data science solutions has been pivotal in transforming enterprise-level operational insights. By asking the right questions, I identify critical business challenges and uncover those that might be hidden ensuring tailored and effective solutions.

My AI journey began as a Site Reliability Engineer, where I developed a deep understanding of AI operations, leading to significant operational savings and enhanced decision-making capabilities for $1B+ enterprises. This path was carved through roles at Capgemini and Business One Consulting, where I transformed client team performance and pioneered innovative AI-driven solutions.

My vision is to architect AI solutions that not only meet but exceed business objectives, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage. My passion for lifelong learning drives me to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that my strategies are always cutting-edge. My focus is to continue innovating, mentoring, and leading the way in AI strategy, setting high standards for operational excellence and reliability.

I live in Philadelphia with my wife Lisa, son Amari and daughter Imani. When not listening to hip-hop, watching Star Trek, or singing in the church choir, I’m on my bike.